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There are many different types of demolition, and each type suites different jobs. Demolition can be executed by using heavy or light machinery, power tools, hand tools and manual handling. Whatever the requirements, Link Excavations will undertake any project, and complete it in the most safe, efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

Detailed demolition

Detailed demolition is selective demolition and includes specific tasks such as making new openings for windows and doors, or removing part of a roof for new extensions or repairs. We can undertake detailed demolition work, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.

Internal demolition

Internal demolition is applied when internal restoration and refurbishment is required. It can include the removal of ceilings, non-structural walls, carpets and tiles. It also includes strip-outs of wall skins whether it is brick, plaster or asbestos.

Commercial demolition

We can take down any structure that casts a shadow, from office suites, to car parks, showrooms and warehouses. The bigger, the better. Whether it’s part or complete demolition, on a side street, split block or the main road, no job it too difficult to complete.

House demolition

We can take on single or multiple houses or levels that sit on wide, narrow or no access blocks. Whether the block is sloping or level, on a hill or under road level, we have the licences, experience and team to undertake it.


There are different types of excavation work, and Link Excavations is accustomed to them all. We can proudly say that over the 35 years that we have been operating, we have completed a wide range of sites from the slab on the ground levelling to multi level basements excavation

Detailed Excavation

Skill and meticulous care is required for this form of excavation and that is exactly what you will get with Link Excavation. With our wide range of attachments, from rock saw, trenching buckets, to augers and grabs we have the right tools and experienced staff for you.

Bulk excavation

Bulk excavations are a big part of our day-to-day business. Whether it is rock, clay or sand, we make sure all materials from our bulk excavation work gets recycled to get the most out of these materials. With a wide range of excavator sizes we can operate on a block of any size and single or multi level buildings.


A solid foundation is essential when building. We can service your detailed excavation including ground levelling and cut/fill until you are ready to pour your footings. We have the right sized machines and attachments to dig trenches from 200mm wide and up, and drill piers from 300mm to 900mm, and up to 9 meters deep with our range of excavator mounted drilling tools.


Link Piling, through its experience and connections in the construction sector, can offer a wide range of services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Bored Shoring

Capability and experience in drilling through soil and rock. With state of the art technology, we can guarantee accuracy in pile verticality and alignment with drilling diameters from 450mm up to 1,200mm and up to 34 meters deep.

Cased Bored Piles

Usually used in unstable soil, this method helps avoid the use of a Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) drill rig to keep costs down and freeing your site from un-necessary additional machinery and labour.


The process of spraying concrete through a high-pressure hose and reinforced with vertical beams to stabilise slopes and tunnelling. Link is experienced in this innovative form of piling and can expertly ensure safety to your site.


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